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Over and over, we are asked, “Where does the name XLR8 come from?” You probably know the name if you grew up near Houston during the 80’s and 90’s. XLR8 was a roller coaster in the city’s beloved theme park, AstroWorld. If you have ever been in the trucking business, you understand the correlation. Like a roller coaster, the industry has its share of ups and downs.  XLR8 Delivery was founded in November 2016 by Paul Pitman, who claimed he would never re-enter the market before this venture. However, based on the success of his other company, Gulf Coast Crating (GCC), and the desire to offer customers a more complete product offering, XLR8 Delivery Inc. was born. The company has grown from helping GCC deliver crates to servicing a wide range of clients with a diverse fleet of over 125 trucks.


To continue to advance a customer-focused company that provides impeccable service that is unrivaled across our industries.


Two companies, Gulf Coast Crating and XLR8 Delivery, comprise a powerful consortium of dedicated professionals. We provide unsurpassed reliability and customer service; all the while offering a variety of export packing, crating, and transportation solutions.


Great Service & Flexible Solutions

XLR8 Delivery is a recognized industry leader with extensive experience and expertise in a wide range of transportation services, including local P&D, Hot Shot, Cartage, Drayage, Brokerage, Heavy Haul, and FTL. Our team of professionals is efficient and safety-focused, ensuring precise pickup and delivery every time.

Highest Standards

At our core, we prioritize customer satisfaction by building confidence through relationships and communication, proving our dependability.

Professional Team

We take pride in our professional team. Our unwavering customer-centric approach ensures that our experienced drivers, dispatchers, customer service, and sales teams are committed to surpassing our customers' expectations.






Built around a Quality, Safety, Health, and Environment Leader (QSHE)
we are committed to these philosophical cornerstones under the belief in: 
“Two Companies, One Vision”


  • Approach: Measured and Practiced

  • Preventive Maintenance is NO. 1

  • Establish Parameters Early

  • Check and Re-check Decisions

  • Allow for Flexibility Based on Situations



QSHE Statement​

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